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UVA ITS is partnering with the Data Science Institute and the UVA School of Medicine to provide faculty with a new Protected Data Analytics Cluster named "Ivy." This equipment enables analysis of Health System, Medical School Data, and other sensitive information that cannot be analyzed on existing High Performance Computing platforms due to security restrictions. This new computing environment is highly flexible and operates as an on-site secure computing cloud that can be reconfigured to support various research groups.  Ivy consists of 32 blades, each with 36 cores, along with 2.65 PB of storage in a virtualization environment. Another 30 nodes, each with 20 cores, and another 500 TB of storage has also been added to accommodate Spark, Hadoop and a data science platform, Domino DataLab.

For questions on the Ivy Infrastructure, please contact the Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Infrastructure, Clayton Lockhart.

For additional information on Computational Resources, visit the UVA Data Science Institute site.