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Gartner Portal

Gartner is a leading information technology firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision-making in higher education and other industry sectors.

Thanks to a partnership between the University’s CIO and Gartner, all UVA students, faculty, and staff have unmetered access to Gartner’s Core Research library. The Campus Access Tool enables access to this authoritative library which includes white papers, webinars, and more on an array of technology-related topics, including: information technology, administration, medical and healthcare programs, library sciences, industry trends, and analysis.

Access Gartner online 24/7 (NetBadge Credentials Required) >>

Please note the Campus Access level of service does not include access to, or participation in, advisory discussions with the authoring analysts (Analyst Inquiries). It also does not include more actionable research content, such as Toolkits, IT Key Metrics Data, or ITScore maturity assessments. To access these materials and the Analyst Inquiries, an individual Gartner license is required.

For help with logging in or NetBadge access, please contact the UVA Help Desk.