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PPM Tool

The CIO Portfolio and several VP-CIO Area Team-specific Portfolios are managed within the Service Portal. The Service Portal Project application contains the forms, lists, and reports to view & manage Portfolios and Projects:

The Service Portal PPM tool provides visibility into the following PPM elements for VP-CIO Area Portfolios.

  • Portfolio Lists - all projects in a portfolio sorted by project phase and phase status.   CIO leadership sponsor, project manager, and resource requirements are identified for each project.
  • Portfolio Scorecards - all projects in a portfolio that are in the initiate phase or beyond.  The scorecard reflects Red/Yellow/Green status for project performance to Budget, Goals, Schedule, Scope, and Risk Management. 
  • Project Status - the current phase and phase status is identified for each project.  Monthly scorecard updates are available for projects in the Initiation phase and beyond.  Note that project management activities are performed outside of the Service Portal tool via whatever mechanism &/or tool is the right fit for each project.
  • PPM Templates - contained within the tool and readily accessible via help links within the project form. 
  • Project Assessment & Planning Information - Prioritization, Complexity, Charter, Plan, and Resource Involvement are all either identified on or attached to the project form.

The Service Portal PPM tool is contained within the Project application menu in the Service Portal and is visible to most VP-CIO Area team members.  Training materials are available via the Project & Portfolio Management KnowledgeBase in the Service Portal.  Group training classes are offered as needed by the SP&I team.