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Portfolio Project Evaluation

Projects are evaluated during the proposed phase to:

  • associate the project with the appropriate portfolio
  • select the highest priority projects for execution with available resource
  • validate that resources are available prior to project initiation

As projects progress through the proposed phase, the following series of evaluations &/or qualifications are completed for projects in VP-CIO Area portfolios.

Proposed Phase Status


Once a project need has been identified and validated, members of the ITS or InfoSec teams work with external sponsors, customers, and users to draft a proposal. This proposal contains, at a minimum, the name and description of the project.

Proposed to a Portfolio

Once the project proposal is complete, a CIO leadership sponsor is identified and the project is proposed to one of the VP-CIO Area Portfolios. The Portfolio Manager(s) review and either accept into the current Portfolio or transfer the project proposal to a more suitable Portfolio.

Sponsored by a Portfolio

Once the project is sponsored on a portfolio, the CIO leadership sponsor facilitates the preparation of the following information:

Once the elements above are available, the CIO leadership sponsor either moves the project to Initiate (for team-specific Portfolios) or schedules the CIO Leadership Team review (CIO Portfolio)

Ready for Review

(CIO Portfolio Only)

During this review, the CIO Leadership Team reviews the proposal information, verifies that resources are available across all involved VP-CIO Area teams, and verifies/identifies a project manager. Projects can either proceed to Initiation, remain in the Proposed phase, or be canceled as a result of this review.