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Portfolios & Guidelines

There are two types of portfolios utilized in the VP-CIO Area:

  • CIO Portfolio – VP-CIO Area strategic projects
  • Team-specific Portfolios

A project can only be associated with one portfolio.  Projects can and will transition between the CIO Portfolio and Team-specific portfolios as warranted, by improved clarity &/or scope clarifications during the project lifecycle. 

The color coded portfolios are either fully or partially managed within the ITS PPM tool.

CIO Area Portfolios

The CIO Portfolio contains strategic projects as defined by one or more of the criteria below. 

CIO Portfolio Project Criteria:

  • Projects on VP-CIO Goals
  • Projects on ITS Roadmaps
  • Projects that further our ITSM/PPM process maturity
  • Especially high profile and/or complex technology projects
  • Projects requiring significant effort (>80 Hours) from multiple ITS areas
  • Other projects designated/approved as strategic or critical by the CIO Leadership Team (informed via Executive Directive, strong ITAC support, strong support from LSP Steering Committee, etc.)

CIO Portfolio Project Guidelines:

Projects in the CIO Portfolio are expected to complete the following: