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  • Higher Education Women in IT; Connections, Conversations, Confidence

    Women in IT


    Spend an afternoon with IT peers who have diverse experience levels, skills, job titles, and a commitment to technology for networking, face-to-face conversations, and inspirational speakers.

  • Identity and Access Management

    IAM Enhancements Scheduled with Workday Go Live

    Important Identity and Access Management (IAM) enhancements were implemented in January 2019 in conjunction with the go live of the new human resources system (Workday) including near real-time integration between IAM and Workday, early account provisioning for new hires, additional user roles, and much more.


  • Graphic for Office 365 Groups and Teams

    Office 365 Groups and Teams

    The ability to use Microsoft Groups and Teams is enabled for all faculty and staff. Available through the Office 365 suite of cloud services, Groups allows users to create and manage ad hoc "groups" for collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. More...

  • Graphic for 2-Step Login

    2-Step Login

    To provide improved user authentication, UVA’s Information Security has added a multi-factor authentication mechanism in addition to NetBadge for all faculty, staff, and students. Users are able to use a second device, such as a cell phone, land line, etc., to verify their identity before accessing restricted resources and sensitive UVA content over the web.


  • 800,000 Emails Processed per Hour; 5,942 Wireless Access Points; 49,000 Help Desk Calls responded to each year