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  • After a long and extraordinary week, there are amazing stories of coming together...

    Bringing Thousands of Classes Online

    The Provost’s Office, 12 schools, Information Technology Services (ITS), and many volunteers worked together with faculty to get more than 4,000 classes online in a little over one week.

    A Message of Thanks from UVA President Jim Ryan

    To Salvage the Semester, College Professors Make a Rapid Pivot to Teaching Online

  • Faculty and staff working remotely

    Guidelines for Working Remotely

    During this rapidly changing and evolving situation, we cannot predict how long we will need to work from home (or other remote locations).  

    For a checklist and other resources to assist with remote work, click here.

  • Staying connected remotely

    UVA Zoom Keeps Us Connected

    Zoom at UVA has enabled the University community to virtualize by facilitating classes, meetings, and conversations through video and audio conferencing.


  • Continuing teaching excellence online

    Teaching Continuity

    Circumstances quickly changed, requiring classes to be taught online with little notice. The Teaching Continuity website offers resources for both technological and pedagogical support needed to make this shift.