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Individual Development Plan Formula

Writing an effective Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Similar to SMART goals, the more specific and measurable your Individual Development Plan (IDP), the more likely you are to complete it.

•  What Knowledge/Skill/Ability (KSA) do you want to improve?
•  How will you improve it (Learning Activity)?  
•  Why do you want to improve it (Desired Result or Impact)?


Use this simple formula:

              I will increase/improve (KSA)  ______  

              by doing/attending (Learning Activity) _______ 

              so that _________ (Impact/Result-  tied to a Strategic Goal, staff Performance Goal, or Career Goal) 


ITS staff IDPs focus on the ITS Skills Roadmap and/or project specific IT skills. 

Staff learning activities include boot camps, courses, projects, conferences, mentoring, User Group or professional association meetings, webinars, etc.